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Red Wine Glasses

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L12 16512 machine made bulk ready stock 6oz glass of wine wholesale

1.This classic wine shape is produced with pulled stem and fire-polished rim.

Machine-made using the latest technology to compete with the quality of handblown stemware at an everyday price.

2.This 6oz all purpose wine glass is to round out your glassware collection, add the other wine glasses in our must keep collection.All purpose style,a perfect option   to serve both red or white wines

3.Footed design is expertly balanced, easily remains upright on trays, tabletops, and counters thanks to its balanced construction.

4.Features a Rolled Rim, to   increase the glass' chip resistance to ensure the safety of both your guests and staff, makes it more durable during commercial use, ideal for bars, restaurants, or catered events

5. The thickened stem provides an easy grip for your guests and minimizes the possibility of breakage to ensure a long service life.

L13 17513   machine made pulled stem 17cl cheap wine glasses

Choosing the right glass to pair with any particular wine is not necessarily a difficult process. Understanding the fundamentals of wine glassware and how its unique design enhances your wine drinking experience is much simpler than you think. Although almost every wine of the variety has a specially designed shape, size and style of wine glassware,

Red wine glasses are easy to identify by bowl shape. They are usually the largest glasses, as larger bowls enhance the bouquet and taste of red wine. Considering the size of the bowl, you should not fill the cup with more than 1/3. Wine glasses can be divided into two subcategories, according to the glass edge and the edge of the bowl cone comparison. For solid crimson wines, choose less tapered rims because it allows you to rotate the wine, which will release subtle aromas. Reducing the tapered edges also directs aromas to the nose more efficiently. Wine glasses with fewer tapered edges are also usually taller, which ensures that the wine hits the mouth directly to maximize flavor.

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