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Stemless Belgian Glasses

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· A new option and perfect to serve craft beer, wine, soda water, soft drinks or cocktails

· Elegant tulip shape optimizes flavors and aromas, it combine the delicacy of Belgium beer glass, yet durable during commercial use in restaurant,hotels and bars, the stemless design is able to withstand the rigors of heavy use

· 100% machine blown technology to bring brilliant clarity expertly showcases the colors of your signature drinks

· Perfect for bars, restaurants, hotels, breweries, and wineries

· An ideal gift by customizing this stemless Belgian beer glass with your brand logo

· Different package options are available

XJC   Machine Made 12oz IPA Glass For Craft Beer Drinking

If we’re going to talk about which style of glass is best for each type of IPA, it makes sense for us to first review the features that define each type of IPA and figure out what elements make them unique.Generally, there are several different IPA Beer types as follows

English IPA - The original IPA is famous for its dry and earthy taste. These beers taste like the delicate citrus notes of British hops brewed by Golden Beer.

West Coast IPA - These beers cover a variety of flavors and styles, but are basically British IPA and have been used with California hops that have a stronger citrus and almost pine flavor.

East Coast IPA - Building West Coast-style brewing,East Coast IPA tends to include more yeast, which gives winemakers more play in the flavor sector.

Double Ipa (Dipa) - that's almost exactly what it sounds like... Stronger, jumper beers with higher alcohol content.

Triple Ipa - For beer drinkers who simply can't get enough hops, there's triple Ipa. They are almost as strong as beer (the clock is around 13% Abv).

Session IPA - One of two worlds, Session IPA has a strong, jumping taste and low alcohol content.

Black IPA - If you assume that black IPA is black beer, you're right! Located somewhere between the IPA, this beer has a smooth and deep flavor while highlighting the bounce notes. IPA, Belgium - The term "Belgium" here refers to the type of yeast used and suggests that brewers use yeast to manipulate the taste of beer.

Grapefruit IPA - Although there are a variety of fruity seasonings out there, Grapefruit IPA seems to stand out as a summer favorite. Grapefruit brings out a citrus flavor in the hops to provide a taste that is wonderfully fruity and slightly sour.

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