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Goblet Wine GLass

Issuing time:2023-06-21 14:42

3058 7oz 200ml machine made all-purpose wine glass

This all-purpose wine glass is an ideal choice for restaurants, pubs, and lounges

Machine made provides uniform in size, much convenient for pile up or put away

Featuring thickened body and structure yet crystal clear clarity for exceptional product visibility

Versatile and elegant bowl shape for red and white wine curls, even water drinking

rolled rim will enhance the chip-resistant, dishwasher   safe

Sturdy base make sure our glass stand evenly on tabletop

3065 8.5oz 25cl machine made all-purpose wine glass goblet

Tips to wash a wine glass

1. Carefully hold the glass of the bowl instead of using stems. The stem is fragile and the glass is easy to break if you hold it. Instead, the cup...

2. 2. Rinse the glass warmly into hot water. If the water is too hot, it is likely to be too hot for the wine glass; Water can cause glass...

3. 3. Wipe the glass with a long-handled sponge. Avoid putting your hand in the glass, or you risk breaking it. Instead, find...

4. 4. Use mild, odorless dish soap if needed. Typically, simple flushing and light polishing with a soft sponge is required. If the glass is...


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