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Pilsner BeerGlasses

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1. Set of 6pcs personalized tall pilsner beer glass with short stem and foot, produced in lead-free and crystal clear glass

2. This custom pilsner beer glass is designed to provide optimum clarity and brilliance of your craft beer

3. The straight forward and wide top enhances flavors and aromas of your signature brews

4. Wide foot provides stability on tabletops, lounge and counters

5. Able to custom each glass with letters and your brand

6. Perfect for serving your signature ales, cocktails, and more long drinks

7. Chip resistant rim with normal use

8. 11oz capacity, a perfect capacity to serve any beer.XY037-2.jpgXY037-2酒.jpg



With its classic tapered design, this glass is ideal for serving a variety of beers for any occasion. Its elaborate curves not only improve the overall quality of your brewing, but also look great in the process! If that's not enough, this powerful, very stylish glass has reliable manufacturing support that guarantees years of long-lasting performance.

Show off your house brew with our 15-ounce Pilsner glasses. The lead-free glass composition of these tall beer glasses gives your light or dark beers excellent clarity. These Pilsner beer glasses feature a length-length contour design that enhances taste and increases the carbonization of your favorite beers, beers, beers and cider. The slightly wider edges of these tapered beer glasses retain the foam head and give off aromas to please the customer's senses. These tapered Pilsner glasses are heavy-duty and have soles for stable handling and stability, avoiding spillage.

these foot glass can withstand the daily use of bars, bars, clubs, hotels or restaurants. The durable structure of these pedal beer glasses also withstands high-end commercial dishwashers.

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