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Red Wine Glasses

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What are the Different Types of Red Wine Glasses?

A wine glass is a container dedicated to the supply and enjoyment of red wine. Although wine can be consumed from any type of glass, it allows the wine to show its color, aroma and flavor.

The most common red wine glasses are Bordeaux glasses and Bordeaux glasses, although modern glass manufacturers have come forward to make glasses specifically designed to suit the needs of other varieties.

Traditional wine glasses are most commonly found in two varieties. Heavier red wines are usually placed in a glass called a Bordeaux glass. These glasses have a moderately wide bowl, which bends only slightly near the edge, making it easier for the wine to reach the back of the tongue, where you can enjoy a richer taste.

The wider opening of Bordeaux glass also allows the wine to exhale, or breathe, which is necessary to unlock the taste of wines like Caberne and Tampranillo.

6303 12oz chardonnay wines glasses machine made in China

Whether you're looking for a unique set of wine glasses to complete your home or bar, or want to surprise wine lovers with a attiring gift, this Xingyuan White Wine Glass is exactly what you are looking for

These glasses are proudly made in high quality and unleaded Soda lime glass, 100% safe and guaranteed to stand the test of time. The material is easy to clean, the dishwasher is safe and will maintain its gorgeous luster!

It's ergonomically stout in bulb shape and wide base, allowing the wine to breathe properly! Unlike traditional round wine glasses, this set of 4 wine glasses is elegant and simple in design. With beautiful finishing, their perfectly even edges and transparent body without tracks, these wine glasses are sure to impress anyone!

Bring these durable glasses to your permanent collection, for your home bar, at special events, for restaurants, hotels or other locals, and make sure your guests or customers enjoyment.


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